Twin Palms – A History


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Palm Springs is home to many vibrant historic neighborhoods, and Twin Palms is one of its most memorable, home to an array of inventive midcentury modern homes and a thriving art and design community. In this post, we’ll take a look back at the history of the neighborhood that lends so much midcentury character to the city of Palm Springs.

Officially known as Twin Palms Estates, this neighborhood is located in South Palm Springs. The area is home to a number of midcentury modern homes, including a set of Palm Springs originals. In 1956 and 1957, it became the first site of the original steel and concrete “Alexander Homes” that would eventually fill the Coachella Valley. These cutting-edge contemporary designs transformed Palm Springs into a modern city and midcentury design mecca.

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“Alexander Home” in Twin Palms – Photo Credit:

The “Alexander Homes” were designed as tract housing with a difference. The father-son team of George and Robert Alexander wanted to create housing for middle-income families, but they didn’t want affordable to mean bland or monotonous. They collaborated with up-and-coming architect William Krisel, whose innovative three-quarter designs and exposed beams kept costs down while enhancing the clean, modern style. The Alexanders finished the homes in a range of roof styles to create a sense of variety and visual interest.


Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Home – Photo Credit:

Twin Palms Estates is also home to the Twin Palms estate, an iconic vacation home commissioned by legendary crooner Frank Sinatra in 1947. Sinatra started visiting Palm Springs in the late 1940s, drawn by its reputation as an austere desert paradise. In 1947, he asked architect E. Stewart Williams to build him a weekend oasis. Williams was already a prolific architect in the Palm Springs area, but Sinatra was his first residential client.

Sinatra’s vacation home would become an emblematic example of desert modernism, a style original to Palm Springs. Williams recommended a single-story modern building, ideal for Palm Springs’ warm, sunny climate. Sinatra wanted the building finished in time for Christmas, in time for a glamorous holiday soiree, the first of many legendary parties in his new Palm Springs abode.

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Twin Palms Estates “Alexander Home” – Photo Credit:

Today, Twin Palms is a popular destination for people looking to settle in Palm Springs, particularly those interested in owning their own well-preserved piece of midcentury architecture. In addition to stellar midcentury architecture, the neighborhood is full of broad streets, towering palm trees, and the welcoming, laid-back vibe that makes Palm Springs such a remarkable place to call home.

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What You Can Get for 800k: Palm Springs vs. Los Angeles

Located a short drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs has long been a popular retreat for SoCal residents who want to be close to the city but sheltered from the chaos and congestion of metropolitan L.A. The smaller city offers a cost advantage as well. We’ll show you how much further your money goes in this desert oasis, with our tour of properties for sale under $800,000.

Midcentury Architecture


1824 South Mesa Drive – $799,850 – 3 bed, 3 bath – 2,743 sq ft

Palm Springs is known as a “Midcentury Mecca,” which includes unique midcentury homes in a range of prices and layouts. This dazzling vintage property, a streamlined take on Mission-style adobe, includes a pool in vintage Palm Springs style. A generous open-plan kitchen opens directly onto the patio for convenient entertaining.

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Courtesy of Ross Stout from KUD Properties, Inc.

Expansive Backyards


207 East Palo Verde Avenue – $798,000 – 4 bed, 2.75 bath – 2,041 sq ft

Lower prices per square foot means more space to stretch out in! This charming hacienda-style property includes its own freeform pool, sheltered patio, and natural stone fire pit. Distressed wood and terra-cotta tile recall the Mission-style buildings so characteristic of old Southern California.

Courtesy of Ross Stout of KUD Properties, Inc.

Sweeping Mountain Views


965 West Via Olivera – $799,000 – 3 bed, 3.5 bath – 2,429 sq ft

Palm Springs is surrounded by mountain ranges, and many suburban properties allow you to gaze out at majestic mountain landscapes from your bedroom window or backyard patio. This contemporary Mediterranean home sits high above the valley floor, offering stunning views on every side.

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Courtesy of Jason Cochran from Keller Williams Hollywood Hills

Sparkling Swimming Pools


960 South Camino Real – $769,000 – 3 bed, 2 bath – 2,240 sq ft

Bigger lots and more amenities mean one thing in Southern California: your own backyard pool! This expansive corner lot includes a side and back yard with a capacious pool and spa combination. The landscaped garden includes numerous fruit and citrus trees. A sturdy covered patio provides the perfect setup for outdoor entertaining.

Courtesy of Ross Stout from KUD Properties, Inc.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary update or a midcentury classic, the Palm Springs property market allows homebuyers to explore an array of beautiful architectural options at a much lower cost than similar properties in the Los Angeles suburbs. Visit Palm Springs, and see what inspires you!

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A Room with a View: 5 Breathtaking Palm Springs Vistas

With its renowned desert landscapes, Palm Springs is a feast for the eyes. In this post, we’ll take a look at the Palm Springs houses with the most memorable views!

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200 Ridge Mountain Drive – $2,695,000 – 4 beds, 6 baths – 7,434 sqft

This majestic home is perched in the foothills of Palm Springs, so that you can look down on the valley from nearly every room! Gaze across to the San Bernardino Mountains in the distance, or over to the Southridge and Indian Canyons. Admire the surrounding landscape while you soak in your own hot tub.

Courtesy of John Young from HomeSmart Professionals


2233 North Janis Drive – $824,900 – 3 beds, 3 baths – 2,260 sqft

This property offers panoramic views of the San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, and Little San Bernardino Mountains. The house was crafted to ensure that each room would capture the spectacular mountain views on every side, incorporating the high ceilings and large glass windows so characteristic of classic California architecture.

Courtesy of John Barnett from Barnett California Realty

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924 East San Lucas Road – $579,000 – 3 beds, 2 baths – 1,813 sqft

This charming 1949 home was named “Dolce Vita” by its original owners, and it definitely delivers on romance! The home is surrounded by towering palm trees, fragrant citrus trees, and vintage ficus hedges framing gorgeous mountain vistas. Of course, what enchanted hideaway would be complete without a sparkling saltwater pool?

Courtesy of Gregory Albert from Keller Williams – Palm Springs


2478 South Pebble Beach Drive – $549,000 – 4 beds, 3 baths – 2,026 sqft

This updated midcentury design sits on the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course, situated on double fairways and surrounded by mountains. The enclosed atrium and open floor plan make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Exterior landscaping features include fruit trees, a saltwater pool and spa, and an outdoor bar.

Courtesy of Billy Woomer from Real Property Acquisition Corp.


1055 West Chino Canyon Road – $1,249,000 – 3 beds, 3 baths – 2,952 sqft

Mid Century meets modern with stunning valley views! This Little Tuscany gem is at the top of the neighborhood with a beautiful, tropical backyard. A covered patio features a dining area, built in BBQ with cook top and sink, sparkling pool, fire pit and observation deck complete this perfect home!

Courtesy of Suzanna Storm from Iconic Properties Palm Springs

If you’re hunting for a house in Palm Springs, you’ll find no shortage of remarkable scenery. These are just a few examples of the gorgeous outlooks on offer!

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Haunted Palm Springs: Legends and Lore


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Palm Springs is known for its bright sunshine, but did you know that the city has its share of spooky stories? Lucille Ball’s ghost is said to wander the streets of Palm Springs in search of a backgammon partner, and visitors to the Liberace vacation home sometimes hear ghostly piano music.  Let’s take a look at the spectral side of Palm Springs!

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Joshua Tree Inn


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Just six miles from the entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park, this charming hacienda-style hotel is a favorite among visitors to the nature preserve. Legend has it that this tranquil retreat is home to the ghost of Gran Parsons. If you’d like to meet Palm Springs’ most famous poltergeist, be sure to reserve Room No. 8!

Korakia Pensione


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The Korakia Pensione is said to be haunted by the ghost of the former owner’s wife. Visitors to the area say that they have seen the woman’s spirit walking along the side of the road on the anniversary of her death.

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La Quinta Resort


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This 1920s hotel has always been rich in atmosphere – and an eldritch vibe is just part of its onsite ambience. Visitors and staff report hearing disembodied voices. A few have even felt the touch of a ghostly hand, and seen a shadowy apparition floating from room to room.

Elvis’s Honeymoon Home


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Elvis sightings have been recorded all over the country ever since the singer’s death in Memphis in 1977, including at his Palm Springs honeymoon retreat. Visitors report seeing the shadowy silhouette of a man and hearing faint rock and roll music playing in distant rooms.

Yaqui Well


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Nearby Julian, California, sparked Coachella Valley’s gold rush over a century ago. Shortly after striking gold right by the Yaqui Well, three prospectors died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. People staying in the area after nightfall have seen three ghosts dancing for joy, frozen at the moment when they made their unlucky strike.

If you’d like to go ghost hunting in Palm Springs, you’ve got plenty of destinations to put on your list – you can even sign up for a haunted carriage trip that will take you to celebrity homes rumored to have had ghost sightings. Why not take a moonlight stroll downtown, and see if you can have your own encounter with Lucille Ball or one of Palm Springs’ other resident specters?

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October Events in Palm Springs

Palm Springs boasts music festivals, midcentury design and architecture, and beautiful desert landscapes. Its thriving year-round tourist industry should be no surprise. In this post, we’ll look at some events on the calendar for this October!

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October 1 – The Artists Council Exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum

Now in its 47th year, the annual Artists Council Exhibition highlights work from members of the Artists Council. If you’re interested in doing a little art collection, every artwork is for sale, and half of the proceeds go to fund museum activities. The exhibit opens October 1st, with a reception and awards ceremony on October 22nd.


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October 7-9 – Goldenvoice’s Giant Desert Trip Concerts

Desert Trip’s list of performers includes the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Neil Young, and the Who. The concert is naturally a splurge, with three-day event passes starting at $399, but this Who’s Who of rock-and-roll megastardom promises to deliver!

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October 13-15 – Annual Flying Aviation Expo at the Palm Springs Convention Center

Mixing family fun, education, and aviation history, this one-of-a-kind aviation event includes a “Parade of Planes” to the convention center. The exhibition is meant to showcase the very latest in aviation technology, but the organizers want to draw the interest of the entire community with mechanical displays, social events, and demonstration flights.


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October 29 – Halloween Palm Springs Costume Contest and Concert

This raucous event is the centerpiece of Palm Springs’ spirited Halloween saturnalia, and the talent on offer for the night includes Keisha D, Marina Mac, DJ Corey D, DJ Baz, and the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus. You can purchase VIP tickets for $60, gaining entry into a hosted bar, beer tastings, and a meet and greet with event headliner Kristine W. If you’d prefer to stick with the crowds on Arenas Road, admission is free, although a five-dollar suggested donation will benefit local LGBTQ orgs.

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October 31 – Jekyll and Hyde at the Palm Canyon Theatre

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a hair-raising tale? This musical production, adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story, features the talents of local actors. Now in its 19th season, the Palm Canyon Theatre is Palm Springs’ oldest venue for live theater entertainment, and Jekyll and Hyde is just the latest in a consistently engaging series of musical productions.

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Simplify, Simplify – A Minimalist’s Style Guide

In this post, we’ll look at how you can do less with more, using minimalist design principles to create a tranquil, airy interior space in your home.

Design in Focus


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The best way to avoid confusion is to choose one central focus. This can be a unique piece of furniture, a vivid artwork, or a bright area rug. If something will detract from this one priority component, it doesn’t belong in the same space. Shift it to another room where it can take center stage.

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Love Is the Answer


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Minimalist guru Marie Kondo echoes a principle that organization professionals have been repeating for decades: if something you own doesn’t “spark joy,” it’s time to say goodbye. A first step towards creating a minimalist space is to discard possessions you no longer truly enjoy. Do you have paintings that have faded into the background or a collection of fiestaware you haven’t added to for years? Consider donating or selling these former treasures.

Color Coding


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Ensure a unified design with a tight color palette. Choose one hue – coral red, sea green – and make sure that all colors in the room stay close to it. You can also choose neutrals to predominate so that a bright accent can stand out. A minimalist design trick for adding complexity is to use a limited color palette with a wide range of textures – consider a carved wooden bowl or a woven throw rug.

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Simple Lines, Simple Design


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Minimalism is about clean, straightforward shapes – picture the iconic lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames, George Nakashima’s sleek wooden cabinets, or George Nelson’s “Marshmallow” sofa. Make sure that every piece is built on simple lines that flow easily. If you have an ornately carved table or a heavy brass lamp, consider trading it in for a midcentury piece that won’t clash with a minimalist theme.

Let Your Walls Flower


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Midcentury minimalist design flourished in an era of bold printmaking and abstract painting – think Andy Warhol’s iconic silkscreen portraits of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, or Mark Rothko’s balanced color block compositions. Minimalist interior design dovetails especially well with a focus on dramatic artwork, so consider adding a large, brightly-colored painting or poster to your space.

Achieving simplicity can be deceptively complex – but as long as you remember the twin minimalist credos of unity and focus, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a distinctive minimalist-themed living space!

Are you interested in seeing more examples of minimalism and other midcentury design modes? At Iconic Properties Palm Springs, our focus is on the iconic minimalist and midcentury architecture that has made Palm Springs a design mecca. Call us to learn more today!


Love Free: LGBT Culture in Palm Springs

What makes Palm Springs such a popular getaway for gay couples? Palm Springs has one of the largest LGBT populations of any city in the United States, with some estimates as high as fifty-five percent. This translates into a wide selection of LGBT-owned local businesses, from boutiques to restaurants to bars, and over twenty LGBT resorts. There’s even an LGBT-themed jeep excursion, the Gay Icons Tour, to guide you to the homes of luminaries like Liberace and Marilyn Monroe.

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Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – Photo credit:

The city also hosts some of the most renowned LGBT events in the world. Popularly known as “The Dinah,” the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is a five-day festival that caters to the lesbian community, attracting some 10,000-plus attendees. Considered the largest annual queer-women-centric event in the world, the sprawling festival covers live concerts, pool parties, dance parties, and sporting events.


Cinema Diverse – Photo Credit:

“The Dinah” isn’t the only annual LGBT event in Palm Springs. The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, hosted by Cinema Diverse, premieres films with a focus on LGBT themes. Cinema Diverse runs for one week each September, and has expanded into neighboring Cathedral City’s Desert Cinema to accommodate its growing audience.


Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival – Photo Credit:

Every September, the Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival creates a welcoming space for queer women of color who enjoy jazz music. Past headliners have included Dee Dee Bridgewater, Diane Schuur and Helen Sung.


White Party Palm Springs – Photo Credit:

Of course, Palm Springs’ LGBT social calendar also has plenty to offer men. Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party Palm Springs (WPPS) brings more than 30,000 queer men to Palm Springs every April. The festival includes a star-studded list of VIP guests like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha and Mary J. Blige.


International Bear Conference Swag – Photo Credit:

The party scene continues year round with Palm Springs Pride in November, which includes the Palm Springs Pride Golf Classic, the Stonewall Equality Concert, and a Broadway in Drag Pageant. The International Bear Convergence in February draws more than four thousand bears, cubs, and admirers. The Big Men’s Weekend in October and Big Bash in March are weekend-long parties in support of big men and the men who adore them.

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LGBT visitors to Palm Springs can look forward to beautiful weather and midcentury architecture galore, as well as a crowded events calendar and a strong community presence. Why not visit this lovely Southern California city and see what everyone’s raving about?

Are you interested in learning more about LGBT-oriented events in Palm Springs? At Iconic Properties Palm Springs, we see ourselves as representing not only an array of historic and iconic properties, but also a uniquely beautiful and vibrant Southern California city. 


The Five Hottest Spots for Whisky in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is famous for its mid-century modern architecture and tranquil poolside vibe, but it’s also making a name for itself in the artisanal whisky market, with local bars stepping up to serve international and regional varieties. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular places to sample whisky in Palm Springs, California.


Whiskey 1

Bar – Photo Credit:

Like the no-frills name implies, Bar is about mixing drinks in a simple, classic style that lets their premium ingredients and house-made mixers shine through. With over fifty different varieties of whisky on display, this downtown hotspot is sure to have a blend to suit you. If you’re in the mood for a whisky cocktail, try the tangy Penicillin, with blended Scotch, lemon, honey, and ginger; or the smoky Molly’s Kick with peated scotch, almond, and lemon.


Whiskey 2

Eureka – Photo Credit:

Devoted to the “Renaissance of American craft brewing and small batch distillation,” Eureka carries a selection of rare, innovative, and ultra-premium craft whisky from the best distillers in the nation. Eureka also specializes in that All-American classic, the hamburger – but with toppings like bone marrow porcini butter and fig marmalade, Eureka’s burgers are definitely not run of the mill.

Workshop Kitchen + Bar

 Whiskey 3

Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Photo Credit:

If you’re in Palm Springs to look at some of the historic architecture on display, Workshop is for you! This industrial chic gem is housed in a renovated 90-year-old movie theatre – and their stunning presentations make every plate a work of art. Most of the ingredients in their food and cocktails are sourced from farms located within an hour’s drive of Palm Springs.

Jake’s Palm Springs

 Whiskey 4

Jake’s Palm Springs – Photo Credit:

This patio restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood and tasty salads, but you’ll also find a delectable menu of original whisky cocktails. Look for the Black Cherry Manhattan and the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour with house-made sour mix.


Whiskey 5

Trio – Photo Credit:

Located in an historic mid-century building in Palm Springs’ Uptown Arts District, Trio is locally famous for California contemporary cuisine.  Their colorful, airy dining area doubles as a gallery for an amazing collection of paintings.  They also carry an impressive collection of rye, bourbon, and scotch – and their Uptown Lemonade, with Templeton rye whisky, honey simple syrup and ginger liqueur, is the perfect quencher after a busy afternoon of antiquing!

Straight, on the rocks, or stirred into a creative cocktail, Palm Springs offers a wealth of options for the discerning whisky drinker. Be sure to stop in at one of these memorable Palm Springs bars on your next trip!

Are you interested in learning more about the diverse dining and nightlife options in Palm Springs, California? At Iconic Properties Palm Springs, our team of real estate agents will be happy to show you the best that Palm Springs has to offer. Call us for a consultation today! 





Mid-Century Homes in the High Desert – Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley

Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley sit in the High Desert region of California, perched nearly three thousand feet above sea level in the Mojave Desert.

Joshua Tree 1

Photo credit:

This breathtaking scenery inspired mid-century modern architecture, one of the most striking styles of the twentieth century. Popularized by architects like Eero Saarinen and Richard Neutra, mid-century modern design refers to a signature set of motifs characterized by clean, simple lines. Building profiles are often low-slung, nestled into surroundings rather than jutting out. Interior spaces share open floor plans and high exposed-beam ceilings.

Many people associate mid-century modern with California. Airy interiors are ideal for the Golden State’s warm climate, and several stars from Golden Age of Hollywood commissioned luxurious mid-century modern estates featured in lifestyle and celebrity magazines.  Mid-century modern architects took inspiration from California’s panoramic beauty, evoking desert plateaus or ships in the harbor.

Palm Springs is home to one of the highest concentrations of mid-century buildings in the region, and neighboring Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley also have a wealth of mid-century architecture.

Joshua Tree 2

Yucca Valley House 3 – Photo credit:

Yucca Valley House 3 – Oller & Pejic

Los Angeles-based partners Monica Oller and Tom Pejic have designed and built several houses in the Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree region, offering upscale clients a sublime blend of midcentury tradition and futuristic flair. This house was inspired by the play of shadows on the desert floor.

Joshua Tree 3

Rock Reach House – Photo Credit:

Rock Reach House – o2 Architecture

Featured in Dwell magazine, the tidy layout of the Rock Reach House takes up just under a thousand square feet; this home fits into its craggy setting like a carefully-cut gem. Wide glass windows reflect the vivid sunsets that splash across the horizon every evening.

Joshua Tree 4

Steve Halterman and Glenn Stiegelman Home – Photo credit:

Halterman-Stiegelman Home

DIY remodelers Steve Halterman and Glenn Stiegelman purchased an authentic 1950s home in need of some serious TLC, now a deluxe vacation spot complete with a steel water-tank pool.

Joshua Tree 5

Tiki House – Photo credit:

Tiki House

This Tiki-inspired temple to mid-century modern has been converted into a bed-and-breakfast for visitors who want to be close to Joshua Tree National Park.  Although the current owners have refurbished the interior, they’ve preserved the authentic tiki décor and added a selection of vintage furnishings for an immersive mid-century getaway.

Whether you’re planning to stick to the mid-century mecca of Palm Springs proper or travel up into the desert enclaves of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, you’ll find a wealth of mid-century modern architecture.  Why not tour these dazzling vistas and the arresting architectural creations that were built in homage?

Would you like to learn more about the mid-century architecture on display in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley? At Iconic Properties Palm Springs, vintage and architecturally significant buildings are our specialty, and our team will be happy to show you around. Contact us today!


Best Vintage Shopping in the Palm Springs Area

Home of the annual “Modernism” festival celebrating all things midcentury modern, Palm Springs is a haven for design enthusiasts and collectors – which means that it boasts an outstanding collection of vintage stores! Read on for a rundown on the cream of the crop.

Vintage Shopping 1

Photo credit:

A La Mod Mid-Century Shop

A La Mod offers an expertly curated selection of furniture from well-known designers like Isamu Noguchi and Frank Gehry, and their showroom sets range from larger pieces like sectional sofas and dining-room tables to decorative lamps and mirrors. Owners Jimmy and Miguel are always on hand to answer any questions, and they’ll steer you to the perfect conversation piece for your home.

Vintage Shopping 2

Photo credit:

BLVD – Boulevard Home Furnishings

Boulevard was opened in 2010 by Hollywood set decorator Jay Hart and business partner Clay Kline, and Hart’s background in set design shines through in this immaculately staged gallery of new and vintage furniture, lighting, and accessories. This store showcases the 1960s and 1970s, including several valuable pieces by Charles and Ray Eames, but Boulevard’s collection includes nearly every decade of the twentieth century.


Slightly off the beaten path, this spacious gallery of eclectic art and furniture is the co-creation of Thomas Sharkey and Charles Pearson. Although Hedge features a sizeable collection of pieces by famous designers, prices are moderate, and budget shoppers will find plenty of smaller ornaments and accessories to carry home.

Vintage Shopping 3

Photo credit:

The Private Collection

The Private Collection is an impeccably organized consignment store owned by Sally Anderson, who takes a personal, hands-on approach to providing her clients with the very best. The Private Collection is less focused on midcentury modern than other stores on this list. Visitors will find a breathtaking display of pristine Lalique glassware and jewelry, as well as prize Art Deco and Mission-style furniture.

Vintage Shopping 4

Photo credit:


A midcentury modern antique mall hosting displays from over a dozen different merchants, each with their own extraordinary cache. Shoppers will find everything from vivid Bakelite jewelry to cat’s-eye sunglasses to standing brushed-steel lamps and Brutalist furniture. Whether you’re a Fiestaware fan or a vintage Armani aficionado, the vendors at Spaces have a treasure trove for you!

Are you interested in hearing more about the midcentury architecture and design tradition that makes Palm Springs such a uniquely beautiful city? At Iconic Properties Palm Springs, we’ve made vintage and architecturally significant buildings our specialty. Contact us for a consultation today!