Looking forward: 2017


We’re saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to a promising new year! In this post, we’ll take a look at some upcoming community developments in the Palm Springs area, as well as some predictions for the Palm Springs real estate market. Read on for the 2017 Palm Springs forecast!


Midcentury Home in Palm Springs – Photo Credit:

The local real estate market showed a strong performance in 2016, with most sectors displaying healthy activity – an average sale price increase of 4%, or $13,000, over the past year. Average price per square foot rose from $231 to $240. Properties in the $250k-500k price range showed a significant increase in sales, and properties in the $750k-1M bracket showed a slight uptick after two consecutive years of relatively slow activity.

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Home sales in Coachella Valley fell in November, down 11.8 percent from the preceding November. Analysts wonder if the recent election is leading buyers and sellers to take a “wait and see” approach until early next year, when activity may perk up again. Proposed rental regulations in Coachella Valley may have slowed condo sales, since buyers and sellers may be feeling uncertain in light of the new legislation.


Palm Springs Downton – Photo Credit:

Many real estate professionals believe that buyer and seller confidence will increase in 2017, leading to added activity. This November, California voters passed Proposition 51, a $9 billion school bond to fund public school construction throughout the state, which may increase property values throughout the Coachella Valley. Measure J, passed in 2011, continues to fund building projects in Palm Springs.


Arrive Hotel in Palm Springs – Photo Credit:

The Palm Springs downtown area is in transition due to a long-term revitalization effort. Luxury hotels, upscale shops, and innovative restaurants opening for business in 2017 include the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel in May and the Hotel Paseo in October. Two popular boutique hotels opened in 2016, Arrive in February and V Palm Springs Hotel in March – just in time for Coachella!


Modernism Week Promotion – Photo Credit:

All in all, Palm Springs is looking forward to a year full of growth, with commercial and residential real-estate activity poised to expand in 2017. Local tourist and hospitality markets are also thriving, with festivals like Modernism Week and Coachella drawing crowds from across the country. Stay tuned for more real estate updates on in the upcoming months, and have a wonderful New Year!

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Palm Springs Themed Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

Time is running out to find flawless gifts for every name on your holiday roster. Luckily, shopping in Palm Springs is rewarding all year round.  We’ve provided a shortlist of the coolest Palm Springs themed holiday gifts for 2016.

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Christmas in Palm Springs Through the Years


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Palm Springs has always known how to turn a holiday into a gala event, and Christmastime is no exception. In this post, we’ll take a look back at yuletide festivities in Palm Springs through the decades. Journey with us as we revisit the Palm Springs Spirit of Christmas Past….


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Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights has been the town’s most popular holiday event since its inception back in 1993, tripling in attendance during its quarter-century of Yuletide festivity. As you can see here, local business owners take the chance to get creative with mobile displays, turning cement mixers, fire engines, and school buses into glittering floats.


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The Fabulous Palm Springs Holiday Follies

The Ziegfield-style Fabulous Palm Springs Follies premiered in 1990. Virtuoso musical talent, flamboyant costume design, and bubbly comedy quickly made it a local fixture. Credited with bringing an international audience to the Palm Springs downtown, the revue was unique in restricting its stable of talent to performers 55 years and up. Every December, the Follies staged a lavish holiday special, complete with candy cane girls and dancing elves, culminating in a shower of glittery snowflakes. The farewell season wrapped in 2014, but their memory lives on.

Lights Make the Christmas Tree


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Palm Springs isn’t exactly fir tree central, so residents have made improvising into a local tradition. Visit during the holidays and you’ll see lights adorning native plants like broad fan palms and towering saguaro cacti. Stop by the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens before December 31 of this year, and you can catch the WildLights holiday display. Over a million twinkling lights turn the zoo into a shimmering jungle.


Photo Credit:



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Twin Palms for the Holidays

We’re all fond of Frank’s soulful stylings on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” but did you know that Ol’ Blue Eyes gifted Palm Springs with a landmark for Christmas? His Palm Springs estate, an iconic design by modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, was commissioned in mid-1947. Sinatra insisted that the house be completed before Christmas, so he could throw a combination housewarming-holiday party. He didn’t get his Christmas wish, unfortunately, but the house was finished in time for a New Year’s party.

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Palm Springs has always attracted artistic personalities and retro afficionados, making local celebrations a unique blend of kitsch and creativity. Like all the best Christmas traditions, residents have made Palm Springs holiday festivities their very own.

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Five Interior Design Trends We Won’t Miss in 2017!

New Year’s is traditionally time for a fresh start, inspiring positive changes from gym memberships to German lessons. Interior decorating is no exception. In this post, we’ll take you on a not-so-fond farewell tour of five interior design trends we won’t be sorry to leave behind!

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Out: Copper and Brass


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Midcentury and industrial chic furniture is still popular, but 2017 design trends look to be backing away from high-impact copper and brass. For a more subtle metallic touch, try on-trend bronze instead. Look for brushed, satin, or matte finishes.

Out: Macramé


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This seventies décor favorite got a new lease on life last year, with macramé appearing in everything from poufs to light fixtures. Macramé is headed back to the dustbin of décor history, so you’ll have to consign any vintage or vintage-inspired macramé ornaments to the attic. If you’re a fan of all-natural and traditional design cues, try batik or mudcloth instead.

Out: Faux Distressed Finishes


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Distressed looks were everywhere in 2016, with patina finishes and wire-brushed wood appearing on new and upcycled furniture. This year, designers are showing more restraint, particularly with techniques that can be hard on wood and other materials. If you’re a fan of the well-worn look, scope out the local flea market or look for estate sales in your area. A genuine antique is an investment, and it will have come by its wear and tear the old-fashioned way!

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Out: Geometric Tiles


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Backsplashes and bathroom accents took their cue from Escher’s dazzling woodcuts, with stars, diamonds, and trompe-l’oiel contrasts. We love the creativity, but we’re excited to see classic shapes making a comeback for next year. If you’d like to add visual interest to a bathroom or kitchen surface, consider textured tiles or a printed area rug. Art deco fixtures are also on-trend, so keep your eyes peeled for geometric mirrors and light fixtures.

Out: Black Accent Walls


Photo Credit:

In 2016, matte black walls weren’t just for college crash pads. Ebony paint transformed elegant interiors, especially in combination with bright metallic fixtures. Art collectors loved the gallery-style glamor, particularly for ornate, baroque-inspired furniture. Ditch the midnight hue and achieve the same theatrical effect with on-trend mahogany or hunter green.

2017 promises to be an exciting year for home decor, and you’ll have plenty of ornaments and fun techniques to sample. Think about the trends you’d like to retire, and ring in the New Year with a brand new interior style!

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Holiday Events in Palm Springs


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Winter holidays are here, and the Palm Springs events calendar is getting crowded! 350 sunny days per year means that the festive forecast is especially bright. In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of the most exciting outings and exhibitions in this visionary Southern California enclave!

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WildLights Holiday Festival – November 25th through December 25th


Photo Credit:

Why not take advantage of the clear winter weather with a stroll through glittering light displays? The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden illuminates the desert ecosystem surrounding Palm Springs. The WildLights Holiday Festival fills the park with over 750,000 glimmering lights, and the park is open from 6-9 p.m. Fridays through Christmas. This kid-friendly celebration also includes crafts, wildlife shows, a carousel, and camel rides.

Festival of Lights Parade – December 3rd


Photo Credit:

This Palm Springs tradition is nearly a quarter-century old, and 80,000 spectators line the sidewalks each year. With marching bands, dance troupes, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus as perennial grand marshals, the Palm Springs Festival of Lights has it all. If you’re in town for the weekend, this is the perfect chance to explore downtown.

Indio International Tamale Festival – December 3rd and 4th


Photo Credit:

Holidays are all about the delicious eats, right? Tamales are traditionally made in a communal setting, the whole family joining in to help mold these savory cornmeal pastries. At the Indio International Tamale Festival, you can sample artisan tamales made with love by local chefs. The Food Network recently ranked this food festival one of the top ten in America, and offerings include heirloom and fusion recipes. Admission is free, with tamale prices set by vendors.

The Santaland Diaries – November 18th through December 18th


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Before David Sedaris was a bestseller, he was Santa’s most beleaguered little helper. The famously acerbic author played Crumpet the Elf in Macy’s Santaland display, chronicling the harrowing holiday experience in “The Santaland Diaries,” one of his first published essays. “The Santaland Diaries” was adapted into a play by Sedaris and Joe Mantello. Count your blessings with Crumpet weekends through December 18th at the Desert Rose Playhouse.

Palm Springs Village Fest


Photo Credit:

The Palm Springs Village Fest runs Thursdays year round, but December means stalls overflowing with ornaments, stocking stuffers, centerpieces, greeting cards, and everything else you need to make the season special.

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Whether you’re looking to shop, sightsee, dine, or party, Palm Springs has you covered this holiday season. Add a few of these events to your list for a memorable celebration!

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Best Places for Thanksgiving Dinner in PS


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California culture is culinary culture, and that holds true on this most delectable of holidays. If you’re planning to dine out this Thanksgiving, try one of these local favorites!

CHI CHI at the Avalon Hotel


CHI CHI at the Avalon Hotel Patio – Photo Credit:

Housed in the iconic Avalon Hotel in downtown Palm Springs, CHI CHI celebrates the California tradition of “wellness and clean living,” with recipes that emphasize organic local ingredients. Their signature cocktails, including refreshing ingredients like young coconut and fresh watermelon, provide an elegant finish to a satisfying meal.

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Copley’s on Palm Canyon


Copley’s on Palm Canyon – Photo Credit:

Why not celebrate Thanksgiving at the former Cary Grant estate?  This award-winning restaurant serves up American cuisine with traces of tropical and European flavors – just the right blend for an innovative yet traditional Thanksgiving banquet.

LULU California Bistro


LULU Interior – Photo Credit:

The central location and vivid contemporary interior make LULU a popular Thanksgiving option for locals who want to enjoy exceptional cuisine in a convivial setting.  This year’s menu includes crisp red pear salad and a rich sweet-potato cheesecake.

Pines Café at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


Palm Springs Tramway Gondola – Photo Credit:

Combining dining with sightseeing, the Palm Springs Tramway’s Thanksgiving package includes a two-mile trip into the mountains and a cafeteria-style Thanksgiving meal. Family-oriented fare is hearty and unpretentious.

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Mr. Lyons Steakhouse – Photo Credit:

Known to locals for over seventy years as the “Lyons English Grill,” this Palm Springs fixture has been reimagined as a fine dining experience steeped in midcentury elegance. This Thanksgiving, sample their pumpkin panna cotta and slow-roasted prime rib.

Native Foods


Native Foods Restaurant – Photo Credit:

If you need a meatless option, check out the selection at Native Foods.  Their regular menu is a hearty California-cuisine rendition of bar-and-grill classics like avocado club sandwiches and chili fries. On Thanksgiving they’ll also be serving a vegan seitan “Turkey Wellington” with all the fixings, if you’d like your Turkey Day to be turkey-free.

Are you thinking about spending part of your Thanksgiving weekend in Palm Springs?  It’s not too late to make a reservation at one of these prime locations. Book a table for November 24th, and leave the cooking to one of Palm Springs’ virtuoso chefs!

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Pride Week in Palm Springs


Palm Springs Pride Mascot the Rainbow Duck – Photo Credit:

In most cities, LGBTQ Pride starts June or July. In Palm Springs, sunny weather lasts all year round, with warm temperatures constant even through the holiday season – which means that Palm Springs Pride takes place right before Thanksgiving. In this post, we’ll recap Pride Palm Springs style!

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This year’s celebration started November 1st, concluding November 6th with the parade itself. Music and arts events filled the Pride Week calendar, culminating in the Equality Concert on November 4th. Festival Emcees included the “Desert’s Hostess” Bella da Ball, and glamorous and avant-garde Priscilla Empress of Pop.


Palm Springs Pride Emcee Bella da Ball – Photo Credit:

The festival is the largest LGBTQ event in the Coachella Valley, and this year marked its 30th anniversary. Palm Springs Pride’s 2016 theme, “Solidarity Through Pride,” was created to highlight recent breakthroughs: “We celebrate what it means to be a member of this beautiful community, to remember those we have lost, and to look towards the future.” The forty-nine victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando were named “National Grand Marshals” in memoriam.

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Palm Springs is part of the Coachella Valley, whose eponymous annual music festival is famous worldwide. Palm Springs Pride hosts a diverse group of performers including dancers, singers, musicians, and DJs. This year’s lineup was headlined by iconic 80’s band The English Beat, queer rock band Pansy Division, Book of Love, and Jinx Titanic and the Ladykillers. The two-day concert series also featured GayC/DC, the world’s only AC/DC tribute band.


Parade Attendees – Photo Credit:

Each year, festival events are centered on Palm Canyon Drive and Arenas Road. Palm Springs is very pedestrian-friendly, which means that its street festivals are extremely walkable events. Pride is no exception, and this sprawling weeklong celebration is a great opportunity for visitors to explore the city. Local landmarks like the Saguaro and the Ace Hotel and Swim Club customarily host Pride-affiliated events, so check for local accommodation packages for Pride attendees.

This year, the family-friendly event included a Children’s Headquarters space with games and crafts and the Youth Zone by Safe Schools Desert Cities.  Palm Springs Pride is a free community event, with donations collected at entry points.


Palm Springs Pride Costumes – Photo Credit:

Planning for 2017 is already underway, and next year’s festival lineup is sure to include exciting musical and cultural performances. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this vibrant LGBTQ Pride festival!

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5 Reasons to Move to California – Especially Palm Springs – Right Now!


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California has long been a dream destination, and Palm Springs is one of its most appealing and unique cities. In this post, we’ll give you five reasons to relocate to this desert paradise.

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Perfect Weather


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Southern California means constant sunshine and cloudless blue skies.  If you’re willing to give up chill winds and changing leaves, you stand to gain a climate renowned for its sun-saturated warmth. Palm Springs is part of the High Desert region, and the Coachella Valley is home to the Joshua Tree National Park and a wide-ranging network of bike and hiking trails.

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Progressive Energy Policies


Photo Credit:

Speaking of “going solar,” California’s green tech industry can provide you with everything from an upscale electric car to a high-efficiency solar roof. California cities have progressive recycling, biofuel, and composting policies. Palm Springs residents use the BUZZ Trolley, fueled by clean-burning natural gas. Palm Springs is also a hub of wind energy – a wind farm in the San Bernardino Mountains contains over 4000 wind turbines, enough to power the entire Coachella Valley!


Photo Credit –

Premiere Primary Schools


Photo Credit:

UCLA and Stanford are just two of California’s prestigious universities. Educational excellence starts much earlier, however, and California also offers a nationally-ranked system of innovative primary schools. Newly-elected California Senator Kamala Harris has promised to make pre-K and early-childhood programs a priority statewide.

World-Class Professional Training


Photo Credit:

This year, Palm Springs residents approved a ballot measure that will guarantee generous funding and educational development to community colleges in the area, with special emphasis on technology training and certification. The Palm Springs iHub is an innovative incubator providing support to start-ups focused on clean technology and renewable energy.


Photo Credit:

Vibrant Culture

California has always been a highly diverse state, attracting people from around the world in search of fortune and adventure. Today, Palm Springs is a hub of commerce and development – and the Coachella Valley is a thriving artistic center, with its eponymous music festival attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

This election season, many communities in the United States voted for promising new initiatives at the state and local level. Palm Springs is poised to take advantage of California’s status as a tech and business leader – so you may want to consider your opportunities in this unique part of the “Golden State!”

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