Christmas in Palm Springs Through the Years


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Palm Springs has always known how to turn a holiday into a gala event, and Christmastime is no exception. In this post, we’ll take a look back at yuletide festivities in Palm Springs through the decades. Journey with us as we revisit the Palm Springs Spirit of Christmas Past….


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Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights has been the town’s most popular holiday event since its inception back in 1993, tripling in attendance during its quarter-century of Yuletide festivity. As you can see here, local business owners take the chance to get creative with mobile displays, turning cement mixers, fire engines, and school buses into glittering floats.


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The Fabulous Palm Springs Holiday Follies

The Ziegfield-style Fabulous Palm Springs Follies premiered in 1990. Virtuoso musical talent, flamboyant costume design, and bubbly comedy quickly made it a local fixture. Credited with bringing an international audience to the Palm Springs downtown, the revue was unique in restricting its stable of talent to performers 55 years and up. Every December, the Follies staged a lavish holiday special, complete with candy cane girls and dancing elves, culminating in a shower of glittery snowflakes. The farewell season wrapped in 2014, but their memory lives on.

Lights Make the Christmas Tree


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Palm Springs isn’t exactly fir tree central, so residents have made improvising into a local tradition. Visit during the holidays and you’ll see lights adorning native plants like broad fan palms and towering saguaro cacti. Stop by the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens before December 31 of this year, and you can catch the WildLights holiday display. Over a million twinkling lights turn the zoo into a shimmering jungle.


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Twin Palms for the Holidays

We’re all fond of Frank’s soulful stylings on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” but did you know that Ol’ Blue Eyes gifted Palm Springs with a landmark for Christmas? His Palm Springs estate, an iconic design by modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, was commissioned in mid-1947. Sinatra insisted that the house be completed before Christmas, so he could throw a combination housewarming-holiday party. He didn’t get his Christmas wish, unfortunately, but the house was finished in time for a New Year’s party.

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Palm Springs has always attracted artistic personalities and retro afficionados, making local celebrations a unique blend of kitsch and creativity. Like all the best Christmas traditions, residents have made Palm Springs holiday festivities their very own.

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