5 Reasons to Move to California – Especially Palm Springs – Right Now!


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California has long been a dream destination, and Palm Springs is one of its most appealing and unique cities. In this post, we’ll give you five reasons to relocate to this desert paradise.

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Perfect Weather


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Southern California means constant sunshine and cloudless blue skies.  If you’re willing to give up chill winds and changing leaves, you stand to gain a climate renowned for its sun-saturated warmth. Palm Springs is part of the High Desert region, and the Coachella Valley is home to the Joshua Tree National Park and a wide-ranging network of bike and hiking trails.

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Progressive Energy Policies


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Speaking of “going solar,” California’s green tech industry can provide you with everything from an upscale electric car to a high-efficiency solar roof. California cities have progressive recycling, biofuel, and composting policies. Palm Springs residents use the BUZZ Trolley, fueled by clean-burning natural gas. Palm Springs is also a hub of wind energy – a wind farm in the San Bernardino Mountains contains over 4000 wind turbines, enough to power the entire Coachella Valley!


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Premiere Primary Schools


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UCLA and Stanford are just two of California’s prestigious universities. Educational excellence starts much earlier, however, and California also offers a nationally-ranked system of innovative primary schools. Newly-elected California Senator Kamala Harris has promised to make pre-K and early-childhood programs a priority statewide.

World-Class Professional Training


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This year, Palm Springs residents approved a ballot measure that will guarantee generous funding and educational development to community colleges in the area, with special emphasis on technology training and certification. The Palm Springs iHub is an innovative incubator providing support to start-ups focused on clean technology and renewable energy.


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Vibrant Culture

California has always been a highly diverse state, attracting people from around the world in search of fortune and adventure. Today, Palm Springs is a hub of commerce and development – and the Coachella Valley is a thriving artistic center, with its eponymous music festival attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

This election season, many communities in the United States voted for promising new initiatives at the state and local level. Palm Springs is poised to take advantage of California’s status as a tech and business leader – so you may want to consider your opportunities in this unique part of the “Golden State!”

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